Exhibitions & Collections

Photolux - Biennale di Fotografia 2019, Lucca Italy

Images from Apollo's Cave Art

South East Museum of Photography, Daytona State College

22 mural size prints from the Apollo's Cave Art series in the exhibition Space Shuttle curated by James Pearson. Four of these images are now in the permanent collection of the Museum.

NASA Kennedy Space Center Vistitor's Center, FL

Permanent collection, The Labor of Space Exploration, has been on display in the Space Shuttle Atlantis Pavilion at the Visitor's Center of NASA's John F Kennedy Space Center, Florida

Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum, Washington, DC

Outside the Spacecraft: 50 years of EVA, was an extensive artifact based exhibition curated by Dr. Jennifer Levasseur & team

Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum, New York City

Hubble@25, curated by Elaine Charnov and Eric Boehm, was an immersive exhibition designed under the space shuttle Enterprise by Chris Malanson. It's narrative centered on actual flown flight tools used by the STS125 astronaut EVA crew during the last ever Hubble servicing mission.