Space Tools as Sculpture

  • TP - plyer vers 2.jpg

    HTC: High Torque Connector Tool

  • 7July08_BlackWhite_CS15_Frm13.jpg

    Washer Extraction Tool

  • 1_HubbleSM4_Mini Power Drill©MichaelSoluri.jpg

    Mini Power Drill with Battery Cord

  • MiniDrillCase 3.jpg

    One-of-a-kind fabricated space tools as minimalist sculpture. A film-based exploration of tools used by astronauts to repair the Hubble Space Telescope.

  • GuideStudCaddy_sepia.jpg

    Guide Stud Caddy Case

  • SM4_STIS_FastnerCapturePlate©Soluri.jpg

    STIS: Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph Fastener Capture Plate

  • ACS_FCP_EVA3.jpg

    Fastener Capture Plate used to repair Hubble Advanced Camera for Surveys

  • 7.21.09_MSO SM4_File05_Frm02.jpg

    Indexing Card Extraction Tool used to repair Hubble's Advanced Camera for Surveys

  • Manual Door Stay.jpg

    Manual Door Stay to enter Hubble Space Telescope

  • 7July08_BlackWhite_CS14_Frm01.jpg

    Portable Foot Restraint Platform

  • 7.21.09_MSO SM4_File01_Frm012.jpg

    Roller Assembly Tool for applying outer blanket insulation layers on Hubble

  • 7.21.09_File4Frame013ToolBelt 1.jpg

    Astronaut Tool Belt

  • Hubble Servicing EVA Torq-set Capture Tool

    Astronaut Space Tools as Sculpture - Torq-set EVA Capture Tool

  • 7.21.09_File2 Frame011_CuttingTool 6.jpg

    Hand Cutting Wire Tool

  • 7.21.09_MSO SM4_File03_Frm08.jpg

    Lubricant Applicator Tool for Hubble Space Telescope Door Latches

  • HighTorqueConnectorTool_STS1610©soluri.jpg

    HTC: High Torque Connector with pre-flight inventory control label